Vote For What?


Rescuing our Nation from failure

Our Country approached election of political leaders last week but many were disappointed by the sudden surprised postponement and the repulsive state of the nation.

Many have affirmed their plans to run out of the country for greener pastures, while others who have no such plans are becoming frustrated.

However, I believe that our nation still have the potency to rise above this recurring mishap and poor state. But the solution is not necessarily available in electing the Messiah Leader. While that is good, it is yet weak to save our present state.

We need to go to the foundation and fix the problems. You don’t use the foundation of a bungalow for a 25 storey tower. If you must build a tower of such height you may have to collapse the former structure and rebuild the foundation or build on a new site.

How to save a nation in our current state is to build foundations (education from elementary school through tertiary), students must no longer be trained for just acquisition of certificate but must be individually empowered by annexing their area of greatest strength for creativity from elementary school.

Giving viable access to quality education for all is the solution we must vote in. For as long as their are majority who are illiterate, lacking knowledge and wisdom to discern right and wrong, ‘schooled but poor’ – educated with poor or shallow content, our system will remain traumatic. It is called systemic slavery. Such enslaved will take any amount to vote in the payer.

If such education that makes people think beyond themselves and explore solutions to problems existing in their communities from elementary school is given, soon an informed population of majority will determine the course of the nation rather than the majority who are unlearned and can easily be bought.

Our vote should be that we influence and lead the political office holders and not the reverse. By this, I mean, when a larger majority become qualitatively educated that they don’t wait for government to fix problems in the neighborhood and enlightened to see problems as an opportunity to provide solutions, problem chasers and solution driven, then the nation will change for the better. Then anybody contesting must have quality to offer to campaign and successfully win. People will no longer be rubbed by ethnic divides, sentiments, religious affiliation and poverty.

Until we have such educated system, we may keep wallowing in cycles. Note: Education is not equivalent to certificate or amassed theories.

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