TechBridge Summer Training

(Date: July 22 - August 30, 2019)

Five years ago, certain Job positions popular today were not. An example is a Digital Marketer, Data Scientist, AI expert, Cloud Computing Expert, Robotics Engineer among others. Today, the frontiers of digital evolution keeps pacing. Little do one need to wonder that in the next five years what will be needed to do business or get employed in SMEs and Big Firms will be top notch digital (tech) skills as Coding, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Big Data, Drone Technology and other new tech evolves.

Five and Ten years from now some students in the Secondary and Primary schools now will graduate from the University. It is expedient to prepare them for the world which will be led by technological advancement. The world economic forum, McKinsey predicted that 800 million jobs will be lost to automations and Robots. IOT for instance makes it possible for an Engineer to operate a machine from another country. That is you don’t have to be in factory location for production to take place or correct a technical fault. The best time to prepare your kids for an amazing future is now.

Why enroll for TechBridge Summer Training?

(Date: July 22 – August 30, 2019)

  1. The future of work is wrapped in technology. Most students studying in Primary, Secondary schools today will graduate to meet Job requirement they were not trained for.
  2. Children minds are like tabularaza, meaning they learn new skills quickly at young age than after graduation when pressured to get Job and fend for themselves.
  3. Early introduction to Tech skills like Coding, Robotics, Automation, Simulation, IOT, Programming among others reveals children’s creative thinking and ability to proffer solutions to nascent problems.

We are TechBridge Consulting, Nigeria’s top EduTech firm whose prime interest is in nurturing students while they are yet in school to develop solutions to core societal problems leveraging STEM Education and Technology. We are in partnership with Fischertechnik, Germany and the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

It is our utmost delight to prepare and train young minds for the near future where what problems you can solve determines what economic benefit is accrued to you. The foundation must be built early where solution providers and globally reckoned inventors are birthed from their early age in school.