Help your child begin their career journey in Tech this Summer Holiday!

Summer Holiday CODING CLASS

We offer a 2- 4 weeks coding class over the Summer Holiday where your child can pick up core coding skills in Scratch, HTML & CSS, or Python Programming. Our small group classes are highly interactive and taught by friendly and Certified STEM Educators.

5,000+ young people have learned to code with us

50+ Trained and Certified Instructors

100% live instruction


Some of the biggest challenges now and in the near future will be solved with a few lines of code.


Programming is becoming an essential skill. Aside from the tremendous demand for programmers across the world, there are a lot of overlooked benefits of learning how to code.


Coding teaches the power of persistence, structured and creative thinking, and plays a vital role for problem solving in our everyday lives.

Requirement For Enrollment

Scratch Class


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How the Summer Bootcamp Coding Classes Work

Intensive Course

Intermediate Level

Course available for kids with coding experience.

Platform and Venue

Virtual and Physical Training Option Available


Virtual Class (Zoom and Google Classroom): 25,000 Naira, Early bird registration is 20,000 Naira (available till 10 July, 2021)

Physical Class: 30,000 Naira (Certificate cost inclusive)


Lagos: Aquila Nidus Montessori school, 10, Morenikeji Street, Opp. NEPA Office, Behind R-Jolad Hospital, Gbagada New Garage.

Ibadan: ITEMS, University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

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Python Class

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can log in from your home and you will be connected to a live teacher in a secure online classroom. No driving stress for you!

You also have the option of joining a physical classroom if you are close to any of the locations listed above.

All that is needed to start is a laptop/computer with an Internet connection. Tablets may also be used but with limited functionality depending on the course.

We offer a free trial on our Introduction to Coding course. Once you sign up, your child can access a 7 days free trial on our Grok Learning platform and also One hour live training with an Instructor in your choice course for free. At the end of the trial, you can choose from our Virtual Private, Group or In-person plans. Click here to read more about our plans

This depends on the course and also how much time a child dedicates to learning. Most of our courses are designed to be completed in 3 months assuming that a child spends between 2 to 6 hours every week working on them.

For Online classes our students’ age ranges from 7 to 16 years old. We start from age 7 because we believe that at this age the child is able to use a computer independently.

While most schools’ computer curriculum teaches students how to use computer software (microsoft office, paint, etc), Techbridge teaches how to build software and solve problems with codes. We teach students how to build technology instead of only using technology.

Unlike most schools too, we have Specialists and full-time Coding Educators for students.

Coding is essentially written instructions that a robot or computer program can read and then execute. Students must determine the task they want to complete through a robot, design the code to make it happen, and then send it to the robot to view the outcome.

Our programmes include intermediate and advanced courses for returning students. Our curriculum roadmap shows you the path your child can take to continue on their coding and innovation journey.



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