This convention is organized primarily for public secondary school students most of which reach their final class before gaining access to the computer system in the bid to write JAMB examination. Above 60% fails JAMB examination on first attempt due to this problem.

 Highlights of program:

  • Keynote Address from the DVC (Research, Innovation and Strategic Partnership) University of Ibadan. Topic: Your Future is in Your Hands.
  • (Conditional) Lead Address by the incoming Governor to students. Topic: STEM Power: Gateways to greatness
  • Exposition / Workshop: Top skills predicted by the World Economic Forum to Lead in 2025.
  • How to uncover your chosen career and the need for mentorship
  • Mobile application created for educational success and how to use them
  • How to leverage on the internet for success.
  • Who is who in technology and business, how they got there and how to beat them.
  • 3Ds: Discipline, Diligence and Dedication – Your future is determined by today actions.
  • Solution thinking and taking the lead in innovation.

Post-Convention: This students will have access to be trained on different skills on the computer system to grow their innovation and creative thinking while they learn skills that will enable them economically to fend for themselves in 6 weeks.

Our Strategy: To achieve this, we are partnering with State Governments for access to students and CBT centres for weekend mass training for this students across different regions and locations. Students who are not covered by sponsorship will pay 1000 Naira per weekend.

We are going to launch an online campaign for fund to train students in this category and after the convention take in application from all secondary schools starting with schools in Ibadan.