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Under 16’s doing great stuffs in Tech

The advent of different technological inventions has not left youths behind, many young folks have also made marks in the technology world, inventing different technological equipments.

Some of them were inspired to make a change out of a need, other by things they read.

In this article we hope that young people in the world are also inspired by the stories of some of their contemporaries to see the possibilities that can be wrought through them.

Some Under 16s and their Inventions in STEMS and in the technology world

1.Pedal-powered washing machine – Remya Joe

Remya Joe a fourteen year old from India invented a pedal-powered washing machine. Renya was asked to do laundry when her mother was ill, this necessity became the mother of the invention of this washing machine, as she was less impressed with the amount of time and energy she put into hand washing clothes in a nearby river. So Remya took some recycled bicycle parts to create and an appliance that saves time, energy and at the same time keep you fit.

This Pedal-powered washing machine will have countless applications in areas without electricity and for people who wish to save time on exercising and chores.


  1. Suman Mulumudi – Steth IO

The Steth IO is a device  that turns a smartphone into a stethoscope. It was created by a high school student named Suman Mulumudi.

Mulumudi 15, used a marker not replicator 2 3-D printer to design an IPhone case that incorporates a diaphragm, which collects low frequency sounds and sends them to the microphone effectively turning the phone into a stethoscope.

The companion smartphone app offers visualization, ambient noise reduction and amplification of heart sounds.  Users can monitor their heart conditions at home with Steth IO, and they can send recordings directly to their physician for review.


  1. Fusion Reactor- Taylor Wilson

At age 14, Taylor built a working fusion reactor that raised the temperature of it’s core to 40 times as hot as the core of the sun. Taylor regards nuclear fusion as a solution to future energy needs and focuses on bringing electricity and state of the art healthcare to the developing world.

Taylor’s interest was whetted by curiosity, a book on radioactivity that was given to him bybhis grandmother, and parents who let him indulge his passions.


  1. (Lion Scare)Solar Powered Device – Richard Turere

Richard Turere 11, who had been responsible for herding and safe guarding his family’s cattle since age, but lion attacks were growing increasingly frequent.

Richard Turere invented a simple,  low cost solar-powered device that safely scares hungry lions away from his family’s goats, cow and sheep in Kenya. His solution also avoided hurting the lions.

He arranged LED bulbs on poles around the enclosure, after learning that lions were afraid of getting closer to the farm when one walked around carrying a flashlight. Richard’s invention is a set of Lights connected to a box with switches powered by a car battery that is charged through a solar panel.


  1. Plastic Trash Recycler – Abdel Hamid Faiad

At age 16, he developed a method of transforming plastic trash into biofuel, using a new high yield catalyst to break down waste and produce products that can be converted into ethanol.

Since plastic waste was a real problem in her native country of Egypt (as in most developing countries), Abdel Hamid was motivated to find a solution.

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