We are raising from school over 20,000 students before end of 2020, who before finishing secondary school or University admission or graduation are global solution providers, developers, creators, and experts equipped with different tech skills like web and mobile application development, cloud computing, coding, software development, automation, content creation, designers, digital marketing and others. We want to inspire next invention.

We believe that if the fourth industrial revolution must take place in Africa such that Africa becomes developed and a hub for invention and innovation, the foundation must be fixed. Right from elementary school through to tertiary institution, a child must be exposed to learning beyond theories and cramping but engaged with real life projects and application of knowledge to solve real and trending problems existing close to them. This prepares them to compete effectively with their global colleagues.

Participants at the coming Robotics fair will have access to over 400 world class STEM projects, hands-on workshop on Robotics, Coding, Automation, Simulation, 3D Printing, Web/Mobile App development, Digital marketing, Mind re-engineering and introduction to entrepreneurship leading to self-discovery and future awareness of their area of best-fit.

After the Robotics Fair, participants can opt in for continual learning sessions to master the skill learnt under proper tutelage to perfect their skills and be guided to bring to life their first creation or invention.