Certification Program For STEM Instructors

Are you aware that there is a high surge in the demand for STEM and Coding Instructors for kids? In recent times and more especially as a result of the pandemic, programming skill has become a top-rated requirement for admission into Universities and new jobs by organizations. Parents and schools are in hot search of individuals with the competence to prepare children for the future of work.

Are you that person? Let’s help you get started!


6 weeks


3 hours per week

(Note that you will require another 6 hours for personal projects and assignments)



(via Zoom or Google meet)

STEM Educators are trained to help students learn experientially through project-based learning method that spurs critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and other 21st century skills needed for future Makers. Coding, Animation and Robotics are top programs for children in STEM education and helps kids achieve skills of the future.  

Learn the professional way of teaching kids how to solve problems through STEM/TECH education, especially coding and robotics, and get certified by Nigeria’s top University (the University of Ibadan).

Discover how to earn over 200,000 Naira monthly teaching kids robotics and how to build applications via programming.
Build a dual career as a programmer and educator.

Get connected to paying clients immediately after training.

Certified STEM Educator Program

Certification by


Single (Course) Learning Track




Track A

Scratch Programming/Blockly

6 weeks

Track B

Python Programming

6 weeks

Track C

Web Development (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT)

6 weeks

Multiple (Course) Learning Tracks




Track A

Scratch Programming / Blocky + Python programming

6 weeks

Track B

Scratch Programming /Blocky + Web Development

6 weeks

Track C

Python Programming + Web Development

6 weeks


Note: Multiple Courses require 6 hours commitment per week.

Class Time Commitment required per week is 3 hours per course.

(At the moment, classes are tentatively fixed to hold for 2 hours on Saturday and 1 hour after working hours during the week) – This is kept flexible to finally agree on the most convenient time with enrolled participants.

In the past we have had STEM Educators sign up for two courses to have an edge and increase their earning power. You can do so too!

It is said that knowledge is power, at Techbridge we believe that more knowledge is even greater power, a wider reach of impact and absolutely more earnings for you.


Be in demand

Beyond learning to help children develop programming skills, as schools and parents will always seek you, this also offers you the opportunity to work as a programmer for big tech firms as you develop your competence, you become someone that hiring managers are looking for globally.


Get well paid

This program makes every hour count for you after you learn as there are millions of parents and schools globally competing for your time and willing to pay you handsomely. You can start earning up to 350,000 Naira monthly within 6months if you are diligent.


A flexible job schedule

You will have time for personal development as you will design your schedule and have flexibility of time to work when you like. As a STEM educator, you are also going to have access to a wide range of skills.


Next course commences: December 4, 2021

Limited spaces available

Standard course price

Single (Course) Learning Track

N 50,000

Standard course price

Multiple (Course) Learning Track

N 100,000

 Be duly notified about program updates and the upcoming webinar.

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6 weeks

Get certified in four weeks following a flexible, structured learning path.



The course is delivered entirely online (instructor-led via zoom or google meet), including video modules, mentor-led webinars and support.


Online exam and projects

Before getting certified, you will be assessed on your project work and your exam score.

Outcomes for you

  • You’ll be taught by professionals and adequately mentored till you have your students and delivering excellently in classroom.
  • You will also be given a unique landing page for more frequent access to clients, and also added to our instructor’s network to connect with parents and schools needing your services.
  • You’ll understand the key skills to engaging students.

Attendees consistently give positive feedback after completing the course and praise its exceptional value for money.

  1. A better ability to network with parents and schools.
  2. Teach with the confidence that comes from a true, deep understanding of STEM education.
  3. Learn to communicate and collaborate more effectively with students and other educators.
  4. Feel energized and enthused about coding and teaching through a highly enjoyable learning environment
  5. Advance your career with job-ready skills

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