About Us

We are pioneers in STEM education across the country

TechBridge Consulting is an educational technology, management and consulting firm that specializes in introducing real knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through the use of building blocks, electronics and robotics to inspire and enhance students practical knowledge of how devices, machines, tech inventions and gadgets seen around are created.


To bring Africa into technological relevance through education by training and preparing young African inventors with global competitiveness for self-reliance.


To build e-class and STEM HUB and train young people latest technological skills through partnership with individuals, schools, corporate organization and governments.

Our Values


We offer our services with singleness of heart by delivering optimum value to clients far beyond what was promised.


Our systems are developed alongside global standards. Our goal is to equip the coming generation, inspiring and preparing them for endless possibilities.


We lead and inspire the younger generation to be becoming great leaders. This is aptly embedded in our training style and curriculum.

Team Work

We understand that we do not exist alone and as a result we are passionately in cooperation with other stakeholders. Staffs, Schools, individuals and other corporate organizations


We are very passionate at what we do, our greatest desire is to chase mediocrity away in our society and with this desire, we believe we must start from the younger generation.