One on One Class

Enjoy the flexibility of Private classes and learn at your pace

Flexible time structure

You can agree with the instructor on your favourable learning time weekly.

One on one with the coding instructor

You have the time alone with the instructor virtually or physically while you are at home and will get full attention as you may desire.

Small Class Guarantee

Depending on your pace of learning, you can speed up learning and cover more grounds within a short time.

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Why Learn With Techbridge?

Project based learning:

We believe that students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems and we designed our programs so that it engages students on projects set around challenges and problems they may face in the real world.

Experienced & friendly instructors:

Our instructors are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) graduates who are highly enthusiastic about their jobs and know their onions. They make class fun and exciting for our Students and they love to learn.

Student -centered & peer driven classes:

We ensure our classes inspire creativity and innovative ideas in the students and we also instill a problem-solving attitude in our students which is one of the main reasons for coding.


  • Cross collaboration / teamwork with other students
  • More affordable
  • Fixed time structure
  • Six students to one Instructor for virtual classes


Our group classes come at different seasons, such as summer and easter holiday, in-school coding class or club, and special classes organised.

School Club

Our training model is tailored towards the use of both physical and virtual innovative training platform to manage, digitise, automate and integrate diverse course content for children and adults to build solid technological skills and gain a competitive edge in a highly disruptive, volatile, complex, uncertain and fast-paced age of information, so they can compete favorably amongst their peers globally. With a customer centric approach, we provide a unique learning experience using a project and peer-to-peer group strategy to enhance deep thinking patterns amongst children.


  • A structured STEM Course training (Coding and Robotics) with our team of Expert Instructors/Tutors using a standard STEM Curriculum.
  • Coding and Robotics as a school course or Coders Club program as extracurricular activities.
  • Consulting services for setting up a STEM lab.

We offer this in the following ways:

  • Our course is slotted into each class timetable for one hour weekly throughout each term (sample course outline for some selected courses attached)
  • We also operate as a club for only interested groups of students in situations where the school is not interested in enrolling all students in the program.
  • Provide robotics kit to the school at a heavily discounted price, and the students can buy the kit directly from the school just as they would their textbooks
  • Become a sponsor by giving us a space in your school to serve as a STEM Learning Center for students beyond your school. This gives you up to 15% discount for every school that attends our training at your centre.


  • Choosing Techbridge as a partner in STEM Education will give you access to knowledge exchange and collaboration.
  • Gain access to industry standard and global course materials for all students that would make your school stand out as a pace setter for setting up a standard STEM Educational curriculum and code club that will produce innovative thinking and project collaboration designed by your students.
  • Create a STEM center where children are empowered to learn/build innovative solutions or products for the technological or economic challenges of Nigeria, under the supervision of our subject matter expert using industry toolkits.
  • Set your school apart, by providing access to your students to the IT world. Learning to code opens your wards to the amazing world of technology. Including our program in your curriculum would give your school a unique selling point and differentiate you from your competitors, while providing maximum value for your students.


  • Internet
  • Laptop
    • Specifications: Processor:- Intel Pentium, i-series (i3 and above), OS:- Windows 10; Memory and Storage: – 4GB RAM, 500GB
    • Note: TechBridge also supplies laptops for schools to ensure the quality of product, the right specification, and quality control.
  • Projector
  • Stem Lab: Spacious and well-ventilated room with chairs and table


  • 5,000 Naira (Price when students enrolled are above 100)
  • 7,500 Naira (Price when students enrolled are 50 and above)
  • 10,000 Naira (Price when students enrolled are 30 to 50)
  • 15,000 Naira (Price when students enrolled are less than 30)


  • Lead British International School, Ibadan
  • Thames Valley College, Ogun
  • Pinefield School, Lekki, Lagos
  • Bethel American School, Ibadan
  • Reeds School, Lekki Lagos, and many others.

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